The 250 Most Mentioned Characters in ASOIAF so far!

Have you ever wondered who is the most mentioned character in A Song of Ice and Fire. Tyrion Lannister? Daenerys Targaryen? Bran Stark? Or, Jamie Lannister? Or, perhaps, can it be Lyanna Stark? Fear not, for the answers to your questions are given below!

most mentioned character
Tyrion Lannister? Daenerys Targaryen? Jon Snow? Who’s the most mentioned character in ASOIAF? Read on to find out!

Apparently, Jon Snow does know something! Because how can you explain him being the most mentioned character, a freaking 3009 times. You know, some people actually write stories of 3009 words.

Mentions Character
3009 Jon Snow
2932 Tyrion Lannister
1767 Arya Stark
1701 Jaime Lannister
1594 Daenerys Targaryen
1524 Sansa Stark
1439 Bran Stark
1367 Eddard Stark
1229 Catelyn Stark
1180 Cersei Lannister
1162 Robb Stark
1140 Samwell Tarly
1125 Stannis Baratheon
1042 Joffrey Baratheon
999 Theon Greyjoy
905 Robert Baratheon
725 Brienne of Tarth
681 Tywin Lannister
676 Davos Seaworth
676 Petyr Baelish
579 Sandor Clegane
560 Barristan Selmy
534 Renly Baratheon
523 Jorah Mormont
493 Jeor Mormont
434 Varys
411 Tommen Baratheon
385 Mance Rayder
369 Gregor Clegane
364 Asha Greyjoy
353 Roose Bolton
349 Lysa Arryn
333 Bronn
329 Hodor
327 Ramsay Bolton
320 Loras Tyrell
310 Maester Aemon
308 Margaery Tyrell
300 Edmure Tully
291 Khal Drogo
290 Maester Pycelle
281 Melisandre of Asshai
276 Quentyn Martell
271 Gendry
271 Victarion Greyjoy
267 Hizdahr zo Loraq
264 Maester Luwin
253 Euron Greyjoy
246 Meera Reed
240 Kevan Lannister

Kevan Lannister, the last person to die in the book canon, is the 50th most mentioned character. No sight of Lyanna Stark anywhere!

230 Rodrik Cassel
227 Gilly
226 Walder Frey
222 Aerys Targaryen II
221 Jon Connington
220 Janos Slynt
216 Beric Dondarrion
216 Rhaegar Targaryen
215 Brynden Tully
214 Podrick Payne
207 Jojen Reed
207 Mace Tyrell
206 Jon Arryn
204 Grenn
204 Illyrio Mopatis
202 Tormund Giantsbane
199 Balon Greyjoy
198 Hot Pie
198 Myrcella Baratheon
193 Viserys Targaryen
191 Robert Arryn
190 Aeron Greyjoy
188 Qhorin Halfhand
186 Oberyn Martell
183 Rickon Stark
182 Ygritte
179 Daario Naharis
171 Wyman Manderly
170 Yoren
169 Craster
168 Alliser Thorne
166 Shae
163 Qyburn
162 Bowen Marsh
161 Ilyn Payne
160 Lancel Lannister
154 Eddison Tollett
151 Arianne Martell
151 Pyp
150 Osmund Kettleblack
145 Skahaz mo Kandaq
142 Meryn Trant
140 Belwas
138 Boros Blount
138 Randyll Tarly
137 Haldon Halfmaester
134 Old Nan
133 Penny
131 Irri
128 Doran Martell

And, that guys, with Doran Martell ends the 100 most mentioned characters. Oh! Lyanna, where are you? Penny is mentioned more times than you, for God’s sake, PENNY!

127 Lem Lemoncloak
124 Jeyne Poole
121 Dontos Hollard
120 Cleos Frey
116 Benjen Stark
116 Jhiqui
115 Gerris Drinkwater
114 Ben Plumm
114 Salladhor Saan
112 Val
111 Taena Merryweather
111 Thoros of Myr
111 Vargo Hoat
108 Balon Swann
108 Hoster Tully
107 Reznak mo Reznak
107 Xaro Xhoan Daxos
106 Greatjon Umber
106 Jory Cassel
105 Donal Noye
104 Tom of Sevenstreams
103 Aegon Targaryen I
103 Arys Oakheart
103 Osha
100 Chett
99 Hyle Hunt
99 Missandei
99 Rattleshirt
96 Axell Florent
96 Gyles Rosby
95 Dick Crabb
93 Maester Cressen
92 Areo Hotah
91 Addam Marbrand
91 Little Walder Frey
89 Septa Mordane
89 Osney Kettleblack
89 Syrio Forel
87 Selyse Florent
86 Rolly Duckfield
85 Jhogo
85 Shagga son of Dolf
84 Dareon
84 Varamyr Sixskins
82 Lommy Greenhands
82 Nestor Royce
81 Rickard Karstark
79 Young Griff (Aegon Targaryen)
78 Amory Lorch
78 Satin

Remember, Satin? A recruit of The Night’s Watch. Yes, I too didn’t expect him this high. He’s the 150th most mentioned character! Yep!

77 Cotter Pyke
77 Mya Stone
76 Paxter Redwyne
74 Aggo
74 Harwin
74 High Septon no. 3
74 Jaqen H’ghar
74 Merrett Frey
74 Mirri Maz Duur
73 Ryman Frey
71 Anguy
71 Clydas
71 Marillion
71 Pate (Oldtown)
71 Rorge
70 Elia Martell
70 Jacelyn Bywater
69 Brandon Stark
69 Yezzan zo Qaggaz
68 Maester Pylos
67 Septon Meribald
67 Weese
66 Justin Massey
66 Big Walder Frey
64 Baelor Targaryen
64 Devan Seaworth
64 Harys Swyft
63 Mandon Moore
62 Jeyne Westerling
62 Othell Yarwyck
61 Galazza Galare
61 Grey Worm
61 Will
59 Lothor Brune
59 Tytos Blackwood
58 Jonos Bracken
58 Orton Merryweather
58 Small Paul
58 Robett Glover
58 Tanda Stokeworth
56 Sarella Sand
55 Biter
55 Obara Sand
55 Steelshanks Walton
54 Denys Mallister
54 Dywen
54 Galbart Glover
54 Lollys Stokeworth
54 Thoren Smallwood
53 Kraznys mo Nakloz

Remember, Kraznys mo Nakloz, a.k.a., the maker of Unsullied and the hater of testicles. He’s mentioned 53 times in a matter of a few chapters, whereas Lyanna Stark is far behind him. “Promise me, Ned… I will be mentioned more times in The Winds of Winter.”

53 Polliver
53 Rakharo
53 Tristifer Botley
52 Aurane Waters
52 Emmon Frey
52 Jarl
52 Olenna Redwyne
52 Rodrik Harlaw
52 Shireen Baratheon
51 Cortnay Penrose
51 Edwyn Frey
50 Archibald Yronwood
50 Mathis Rowan
50 Vardis Egen
50 Yohn Royce
49 Barbrey Ryswell
49 Tattered Prince
49 Tickler
48 Gerold Dayne
48 Harry Strickland
48 Three-Finger Hobb
48 Tyene Sand
47 Septa Lemore
47 Lyn Corbray
47 Roslin Frey
47 Fat Tom
47 Waymar Royce
46 Arthur Dayne
46 Doreah
46 Iron Emmett
46 High Septon no. 2
46 Wendel Manderly
45 Dalla
45 Godry Farring
45 Lothar Frey
45 Mord
45 Nymeria Sand
45 Toad
44 Cleon the Great
44 Dagmer Cleftjaw
44 Garlan Tyrell
44 Shagwell
44 Willas Tyrell
43 Halder
43 Jason Mallister
43 Lyanna Stark
43 Moqorro
43 Osfryd Kettleblack
43 Patchface
43 Rafford

Lyanna Stark is less times mentioned than Hot Pie. What do you have to say to that, R+L=J Theory fans. And, for clearance, Coldhands is only mentioned 31 times.

FUN FACT: If you’re not a warg and not a Stark, then you’re a secret Targ!

So, how was the list? Comment below and let The Lord know what you think of the position of your favourite characters. Share this list to your family and friends to help them pass their time before the ultimate arrival of Winds of Winter.

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  3. Great List. Do you have info on characters beyond the top 250? Why did you cut it at 250? Do you have data about where each character is mentioned. It would be great to do character studies by reading just those sections where a particular character was mentioned. What did you count as mentioned? By name, by nickname, by title, by pronoun?


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