The 250 Most Mentioned Characters in ASOIAF so far!

ThE LorD oF THe BookS

Have you ever wondered who is the most mentioned character in A Song of Ice and Fire. Tyrion Lannister? Daenerys Targaryen? Bran Stark? Or, Jamie Lannister? Or, perhaps, can it be Lyanna Stark? Fear not, for the answers to your questions are given below!

most mentioned character Tyrion Lannister? Daenerys Targaryen? Jon Snow? Who’s the most mentioned character in ASOIAF? Read on to find out!

Apparently, Jon Snow does know something! Because how can you explain him being the most mentioned character, a freaking 3009 times. You know, some people actually write stories of 3009 words.

3009Jon Snow
2932Tyrion Lannister
1767Arya Stark
1701Jaime Lannister
1594Daenerys Targaryen
1524Sansa Stark
1439Bran Stark
1367Eddard Stark
1229Catelyn Stark
1180Cersei Lannister
1162Robb Stark
1140Samwell Tarly
1125Stannis Baratheon
1042Joffrey Baratheon
999Theon Greyjoy
905Robert Baratheon
725Brienne of Tarth
681Tywin Lannister

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