FAN THEORY: How A Song of Ice and Fire will end

Ok, this article will tell you how would ASOIAF end. So, take a sip of ale, wipe that bit of grease from your face and start reading.

Now, a very big inspiration for GRRM has been Robert Frost’s poem, Ice and Fire. So much so that he even named the title of his series after the poem, A Song of Ice and Fire.

In the poem, as you would’ve noticed, fire stands for desire and ice for hate. So in actuality, it is a analysis between desire and hate, and which of the two would cause the destruction of the world. For clarification, GRRM has also stated that the title of the series ‘A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE’ stands for desire vs. hate…

In The Pacifer of London

Hey, The Lord has written a sci-fi novel of about 100,000 words titled “The Lost And The Damned” and he wants you all to read its first chapter…

The devil you run from, you turn into the same devil after escaping, for it is a common behaviour found amidst all creatures, and one they bear with unmatched devotion. In nature, you will find this truth omnipresent, as whenever a creature is not being hunted, it tends to become a hunter itself.

As it was to be, it were these things which set in motion the creation of humans, the creation of us. When they escaped from slavery, they wanted to create their own slaves and unfortunately, they succeeded. They created us.