The Allegory behind Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

Note: This is just an article for fun, not an insult to J.K. Rowling.

           Thus, after Winds of Winter, THE ONE EYE of THe LoRD of ThE BooKS fell to the one cult icon, Harry Potter.

            But unfortunately, the whole series couldn’t catch his eye, but just one particular book: Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. Often cited by fools to be the weakest part of the series, THe LoRD of ThE BooKS nevertheless saw its awesomeness, the beautiful allegory behind it.

          So let’s see about the story: First of all there’s a Chamber of Secrets, a chamber which is hidden and only presented to those deemed worthy of it by it. This chamber, inside this chamber lurks something, a long, cylindrical living thing which has a head and a tail. Remember something? And about this Chamber of Secrets, researches have been going on from centuries but they haven’t reached a conclusion whether it (read: fe**le or**sm) exists or not.

Basilisk in Chamber of Secrets
The ‘head’ coming out of…. ‘chamber of secrets’

             But folks, that was just the fun part. There’s a serious side to it, too; and herein lies the greatness of J.K. Rowling.

           Having a childhood marked by sexual dominance by men, mostly her father; finally she had overcome the discrimination by the success of her first book, so for to celebrate that, she had her main protagonist kill the thing with a head and tail inside the chamber of secrets. It marks the beginning of a new era for her.

               And then there’s the thing that Professor Gilderoy Lockhart looks like a mirror image of the state J.K. must have been after the success of the first book. But in the end, by maddening the Professor, she shows, however subtly, that she has overcome that obstacle too.

                  So, since I’ve shown you the greatness of the books: All Hail Queen Rowling! 

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