Why Ned Stark wasn’t stupid or slow?

The fans of the books and the show are usually judge Eddard Stark unfairly when they say the length of time it took him to grasp the truth of Joffrey’s parentage shows he’s stupid or unintelligent, are wrong. There, I said it.

These fans are actually betraying their own ignorance of genetics. Consider the following facts: Robert Baratheon has three children who all look like their mother…and so does Eddard Stark. Should we then presume that Catelyn Stark has been schtupping Edmure?

The two longest sentences ever in literature!!!

“Now they’re going to see who I am, he said to himself in his strong new man’s voice, many years after he had first seen the huge ocean liner without lights and without any sound which passed by the village one night like a great uninhabited place, longer than the whole village and much taller than the steeple of the church, and it sailed by in the darkness toward the colonial city on the other side of the bay that had been fortified against buccaneers, with its old slave port and the rotating light, whose gloomy beams transfigured the village into a lunar…

FAN THEORY: How A Song of Ice and Fire will end

Ok, this article will tell you how would ASOIAF end. So, take a sip of ale, wipe that bit of grease from your face and start reading.

Now, a very big inspiration for GRRM has been Robert Frost’s poem, Ice and Fire. So much so that he even named the title of his series after the poem, A Song of Ice and Fire.

In the poem, as you would’ve noticed, fire stands for desire and ice for hate. So in actuality, it is a analysis between desire and hate, and which of the two would cause the destruction of the world. For clarification, GRRM has also stated that the title of the series ‘A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE’ stands for desire vs. hate…

Why Game of Thrones is deteriorating as it moves away from A Song of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones is awesome, no doubt about that; David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are dedicated, Peter Dinklage and Charlie Dance are captivating, the costumes are great and the opening title is something that truly shows the scope of Martin’s world in an interesting way. But there are only so many things one can do good.

There were problems from the beginning only, but the harm they did was not that visible. Here are the problems that have been choking the series from the beginning (Season 1-3, ie, when they had yet not deviated too far from ASOIAF).