Five Days Ago…

ThE LorD oF THe BookS

It is often said that a nice, bellyful of supper and a comfortable chair by the mantelpiece is all that is needed for bliss. Well, Victoria would’ve told you that night that nothing was farther than the truth.

She was in an uncared, not-looked-after condition. She had not changed her dress from the past five days, not bathed after that horrible incident five days ago, and was not even in the mood, or consciousness, to even brush her teeth. In fact, she had disconnected herself from the world so much so that apart from her own voice, no, she’d not even heard her own voice from the past five days, she had not heard even a single voice.

But food, no, she would not take a chance there… no, she would not; she thought… maybe there be a glimmer of hope yet…

And then she heard it, the carefree innocent…

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