The two longest sentences ever in literature!!!

“Now they’re going to see who I am, he said to himself in his strong new man’s voice, many years after he had first seen the huge ocean liner without lights and without any sound which passed by the village one night like a great uninhabited place, longer than the whole village and much taller than the steeple of the church, and it sailed by in the darkness toward the colonial city on the other side of the bay that had been fortified against buccaneers, with its old slave port and the rotating light, whose gloomy beams transfigured the village into a lunar…

Happy Birthday EMMA WATSON!!!

Happy Birthday, saith ThE LoRD of THe bOOks, unto Emma Watson, the actress behind the amazing Hermione Granger. So, Emma, The Lord blessth you, The Lord keepth you; The Lord maketh his face to shine upon you and be gracious upon you; and The Lord lifth up his countenance upon you and give you peace. So much so that, he made a sketch of you: