The Allegory behind Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

First of all there’s a Chamber of Secrets, a chamber which is hidden and only presented to those deemed worthy of it by it. This chamber, inside this chamber lurks something, a long, cylindrical living thing which has a head and a tail. Remember something? And about this Chamber of Secrets, researches have been going on from centuries but they haven’t reached a conclusion whether it (read: or**sm) exists or not…

Winds of Winter: A Satire

A satire that how the series will end and what will happen to the characters.

Ahhh…. just came back from 2036 using TIME PORTAL 512S. To cut my time on the way, I read The Summer of Starks, the eighth and final entry into A Song of Ice and Fire. But when I came back, I realized G.R.R.M. has not yet planned the book yet. So, I’m writing the series whole review down here…..