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  Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance

This is the place where you will get information relating to books, like reviews, views, satires, this or that, lists, comparisons and such.

In The Pacifer of London

Hey, The Lord has written a sci-fi novel of about 100,000 words titled “The Lost And The Damned” and he wants you all to read its first chapter…

The devil you run from, you turn into the same devil after escaping, for it is a common behaviour found amidst all creatures, and one they bear with unmatched devotion. In nature, you will find this truth omnipresent, as whenever a creature is not being hunted, it tends to become a hunter itself.

As it was to be, it were these things which set in motion the creation of humans, the creation of us. When they escaped from slavery, they wanted to create their own slaves and unfortunately, they succeeded. They created us.

aBOUt ThE blOGGer

“Let the trumpets and drums be unhook,  

  for coming now is ThE LoRD of THe BooKs”        

         Shrijit Shaswat, ThE LoRD of THe BooKs, born on 9 April 2002, is currently travelling between Mordor and Gondor, and based on his journeys, will publish A Tale of Two Cities. From his childhood, he has held a thesis that Bran is the forgotten link between the flying creatures and land creatures. “Yes, Fly Bran, Fly!” – or as a certain wizard would’ve said – “Fly, you fools!”

          Throughout his lifetime, he has held a many prestigious jobs, such as the translator of Hodor and the leader of the search club for Voldemort’s nose. (Yes, it is a Horcrux, too!). Recently, he won the Lord of Light‘s praise on his experiment to test photosynthesis on Dracula’s skin. Oh! But don’t say that to him as it will make him lecture that Edward and Bella are not vampires, but two suckling stillborns of White Walkers and Saruman The Hoax. One achievement of him was almost lost in the Doom of Valyria. Yes, he was researching how the brain of Arthur Conan Doyle and Sidney Sheldon’s child will look like!

         And, and, and, as Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik put it, he doesn’t want “Mr. Anna Grey” and “Mrs. Christian Grey” FOREVER. Period. Ever. An important note for all those reading this: If you know an alchemist, please send his/her address to ThE LoRD of THe BooKs, even though he is no shephard.

          For the many past years, he has been drinking and knowing things. And based on that knowledge and a lotta creativity, he has written an Earth-shattering (please don’t insert Middle before Earth!) sci-fi known to all Mudbloods and Wizards alike as The Lost And The Damned. Why, you’d ask? Because that’s what he does! Yarr, matey!

              To read the first chapter of his epic sci-fi titled “The Lost & The Damned”, click here.

Shrijit Shaswat


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