The Three WTF Mysteries in GoT that will be never answered!

Ah! The Lord was watching the Season 1-6, preparing for the arrival of Season 7. And see for yourself what he found.

Ah! Sometimes, us book readers miss something dear! Like these WTF mysteries that us A Song of Ice and Fire readers would’ve never known. And these mysteries are ones that we will sadly never get to the end of.


FAN THEORY: The Doom of Valyria, The Existence of R’hllor, Dragons and The Drowned God Explained

A common understanding of the Doom of Valyria is that The Faceless Men killed the mages and thus, the Doom occurred. And, then, there are no theories on dragons. But looking deeply, as the Lord found, it can be seen that it all is associated with the Great Cthulhu…

In The Pacifer of London

Hey, The Lord has written a sci-fi novel of about 100,000 words titled “The Lost And The Damned” and he wants you all to read its first chapter…

The devil you run from, you turn into the same devil after escaping, for it is a common behaviour found amidst all creatures, and one they bear with unmatched devotion. In nature, you will find this truth omnipresent, as whenever a creature is not being hunted, it tends to become a hunter itself.

As it was to be, it were these things which set in motion the creation of humans, the creation of us. When they escaped from slavery, they wanted to create their own slaves and unfortunately, they succeeded. They created us.

The Gods Of Westeros – Who’s the most powerful?

After travelling through the war-scarred lands of Westeros (and curiously, never sensing winds of winter), The Lord found many Gods there, The Old Gods and The New Gods, The Burning God and The Drowning God.

Looking at the power of the weirwoods, it looks as if the wands in Harry Potter are made out of them. Think about that for a moment!

Hey, the Seven Gods were once human. Maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that we are Gods too. The Seven Billion Gods, that’s nice to hear!

Happy Birthday EMMA WATSON!!!

Happy Birthday, saith ThE LoRD of THe bOOks, unto Emma Watson, the actress behind the amazing Hermione Granger. So, Emma, The Lord blessth you, The Lord keepth you; The Lord maketh his face to shine upon you and be gracious upon you; and The Lord lifth up his countenance upon you and give you peace. So much so that, he made a sketch of you:

The Allegory behind Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

First of all there’s a Chamber of Secrets, a chamber which is hidden and only presented to those deemed worthy of it by it. This chamber, inside this chamber lurks something, a long, cylindrical living thing which has a head and a tail. Remember something? And about this Chamber of Secrets, researches have been going on from centuries but they haven’t reached a conclusion whether it (read: or**sm) exists or not…

Winds of Winter: A Satire

A satire that how the series will end and what will happen to the characters.

Ahhh…. just came back from 2036 using TIME PORTAL 512S. To cut my time on the way, I read The Summer of Starks, the eighth and final entry into A Song of Ice and Fire. But when I came back, I realized G.R.R.M. has not yet planned the book yet. So, I’m writing the series whole review down here…..